That really is it, isn't it. You know, the bottom line. The fact that Jesus is the answer. For everything. He's our everything. All we will ever need. The answer for the ailing is the Lord Jesus Christ!

God's called me to take a stand and be a bold witness for Him. To say and do and confront things that others might not be able to. So whether its about salvation, or judgment, or sin, or healing, or abuse, or none of the above ... it's talked about here ... boldly. It's my hope that as you thumb through the pages of this work in progress website that you feel at home, at peace, wanted, and loved ... for you are.

I come from a background of several addictions and struggles including: drugs, alcohol, abuse, promiscuity, depression and numerous health issu

Thank God for His loving mercy that is helping to win me out.  

I grew up in the Church & I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was in High School. Unfortunately, I had no idea that my 'high' of living for the Lord would come to a crashing halt after just 2 weeks because I was attacked in my mind and since I wasn't reading the Word I had no way to fight the enemy back. I backslid for 20 years before I would come back to the Lord. Oh, I gave God glory or thanks for things sometimes and prayed every now and then, but He wasn't Lord of my life and I sure wasn't surrendered to Him and wasn't living in any kind of victory. It took illnesses to bring me to my point of desperation, and still does, though He's healed me of so much more than I could ever completely list here.